Hopatcong Board of Education – Welcomes Two Members from Write-In Results

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The Hopatcong Board of Education (BOE) has filled the three vacant seats with Sarah Schindelar as the only official candidate on the ballot earning 5,606 votes, and returning Scott Francis, and new member Jackie Turkington coming from the 2,167 write in votes.

In speaking to Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo Assistant Superintendent

"Serving as a member of a Board of Education is not an easy task. Our Board members each put countless hours of hard work and energy into serving the Hopatcong community and we are incredibly grateful for them. Congratulations to Sarah Schindelar and Scott Francis on their reelection to the Board and to incoming member Jackie Turkington. We look forward to working with you to serve our students."

Board of Education – Roles and Responsibilities:

The Board understands its role and commitment to the taxpayers of Hopatcong is to consistently improve education for the students within a financially prudent and responsible framework. The latter has been threatened of late due to the drastic reduction of State aid. Therefore, the Board of Education is committed to finalizing the sale of the permanent easement of the cell tower and completing the sale of the Hudson Maxim School. The Board intends to work with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and Business Administrator after the sales are completed to delineate the use of the revenue dollar by dollar. It is important to the Board of Education that the revenue be used to support academic initiatives that improve educational opportunities for all students.

The Board of Education believes in the importance of fostering a positive climate and culture among the schools. As such, the Board intends to champion initiatives put forth by the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent which support inclusivity and diversity. This includes, but is not limited to, support for programs that serve our increasing ELL and Special Education population.

The Board of Education will prioritize items delineated on the current Long Range Facility Plan, hire an architect of record for projects that require such expertise and, if necessary, add or delete items from that Long range Facility Plan as per discussion that evolves from the process.


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