COVID-19 Cases up in Sussex County – Putting this into Perspective

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During the recent report from Sussex County on COVID-19 cases, it would appear that we have reached the early stages of pandemic levels. After interviewing several healthcare professionals active in this field, we hope to bring this into perspective.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t follow the state guidelines and continue the use of wearing masks, and social distancing!

More Testing = More Cases

At the start of the pandemic level, there were few drive-thru testing centers, which could only handle a couple of hundred tests each day. Now, you can order the free online test and get results within 48 hours, or even use many of the pharmacies (CVS) that performs the testing.

So, the ability to be tested has grown by over 80%, which means that we will see more cases.

COVID 19 by Date

Borough of Hopatcong 4th in Number of Cases:

Interesting to note, is that the Borough of Hopatcong is the fourth highest in the number of overall cases, which when compared to our population means that 1.5% of the population has had, or has COVID-19.

COVID 19 by Town

IMPORTANT POINT: The number of Deaths is way down

If the increase in cases is so high, why are deaths way down? According to several Hospital COVID-19 Floors, here is what they are seeing.

COVID 19 by Deaths

  • More testing may not mean that person observed any symptoms
  • While Hospitals are seeing more internal cases:
    • Most have redefined their processes
    • Medical Cocktail that helps with the symptoms and length
    • Use of COVID-19 Antibodies wherever possible
    • Use of Oxygen to supplement breathing, before the last stage of the respirator

While once again everyone is urged to comply with State Orders, the spike in cases can be brought into perspective.


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