Hopatcong Durban Avenue School – Election Day – Deer Becomes Official Mascot

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If you ever visit the Durban Avenue School in Hopatcong, you are bound to see a deer or two roaming around outside, but did you know that over 200 deer now roam around inside the building, too?

They do ever since Election Day when Durban Avenue conducted its own election to determine an animal mascot to represent them!  The staff voted on which two animals the children would have to chose between. A deer and a duck won that vote! 

They peaked the students’ interest with a showcase full of deer and duck books and stuffed animals, students and parents made deer and duck lawn signs, students donning VOTE buttons they made in Art learned about voting and elections during their first all-virtual day on Tuesday, November 3rd. 

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Through books, songs, and various websites, the children learned about each animal in order to make an informed decision. The day culminated with children completing their own paper ballots.  Results were then tallied and graphed and a winner declared in each classroom. 

Class results were counted, and the deer received an overwhelming majority of the votes making us the Durban Avenue Deer which is quite fitting given their daily presence on the DA grounds! 

Voters were asked their thoughts on the Durban election:

  • Karly was happy deer won, “because deer are cuter than ducks.”
  • Alyson “felt happy because the deer won.”
  • Sofia “likes deer because they won but sad that ducks didn’t win.”
  • Colton was “sorry the duck people lost.”

Such dear thoughts from our little Durban Deer!!!

Editors Note: We have not yet heard if the Duck will be making a concession speech or demanding a recount.


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