Hopatcong Police Participate in - No-Shave November for Eric C. Blohm Foundation

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If your first responder, or the officer that pulls you over for a traffic infraction, has an unshaven look, please excuse them as they are raising money for the Hopatcong Police Participate in - No-Shave November for Eric C. Blohm Foundation

From the Hopatcong Police Department:

Please excuse our hairy appearances as we put our razors down to raise cancer awareness.

Each member will be making a monetary donation in order to participate. At the end of the month, all money collected will be donated to The Eric C. Blohm Foundation, a local nonprofit organization that looks to provide support with cancer detection, treatment, and support for those receiving treatment.

If you’d like to help in our fundraising goals, please bring a check to the Hopatcong Police Dept, made payable to PBA Local 149 and ensure to include No-Shave November in your memo line. Also, don’t hesitate to join us in putting your razor down or grabbing us for a quick picture throughout the month.

The Eric C. Blohm Foundation is a nonprofit organization designed to hold a number of fundraisers in various forms in order to provide financial support to select organizations engaged in cancer detection and treatment, as well as those participating in the well-being and care (physical and emotional) of children battling cancer.

Eric lost his battle against rhabdomyosarcoma at age 22. The support of the Hopatcong community has driven all of his closest friends and family to create their non-profit corporation in hopes of paying it forward. The Hopatcong PBA Local 149 is proud to support The Eric C. Blohm Foundation and the community of Hopatcong.


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