Hopatcong Woman’s Club says Fond Farewell to a Friend (Cyndi Marinese)

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Cyndi Marinese has lived in her Hopatcong home for 25 years. She joined the Hopatcong Woman’s Club in 2008 after seeing an article in the newspaper. She had been retired for one year from a job in Rockaway, and only knew her new neighbors.

She thought it was a good time to reach out and see what was available to join in the neighborhood. Lucky for us, Pat Andersen was the current Woman’s Club president, and she wasted no time in welcoming, then soliciting Cyndi for a role as Special State Project Chairperson her very first year, for Autism Awareness.

The positions she held, in addition to that first one, over the years: Treasurer, Fundraising Chairperson heading up many activities including our annual Fashion Show, DASI (Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Intervention) initiatives, and Alzheimer’s Organization Activities, and perhaps most importantly co-President for 3 separate terms (6 years total).

When asked about her greatest achievement as a Club Member, she cited most importantly a very personal one, the ability to speak in front of groups. You would never know that she wasn’t a natural at this, since she has been doing so for many years now, but it is nice to know that she developed this skill by practicing it in her many roles within our Club. Beyond that personal achievement, she feels that the friendships she has made in the many people she has met over the years, both locally as well as at the district and state levels, are another great source of pride. Lastly, expanding on the Club’s community-level involvement with the food bank, Veteran’s Clubs and other local charities has been a great satisfaction of her years of involvement.

Cyndi will be moving to Central Florida, close to where she lived for a year as a youngster, and she will have family (grandchildren, as well as nieces, nephews and cousins) within a few hours each direction. It is a Golf Course Community where she and her husband Gary will soon call home, with a multitude of activities, including arts and crafts, and of course a local Woman’s Club. She has already been in touch with the Women’s Club of Leesburg and will be back in touch as soon as she is settled in the new year. We are sure she will be making an impact on their club the moment she arrives!

When asked about any final thoughts, Cyndi wanted to be sure to “speak” to all current and potential members with her message, “Join in all the district and state functions you can, as you’ll meet great people with great ideas, and get a better sense of the network of women we are a part of. Join committees, don’t be afraid to speak up, and you’ll get help from everyone along the way.”

For those who wonder how we will ever manage a fashion show in the springtime without Cyndi as a model, no fears! She has agreed to join us when we are able to have our next Fashion Show Fundraiser, tentatively scheduled for April 2021. She’s even made a NJ dentist appointment to coincide with the trip!

Hopatcong Woman’s Club says Fond Farewell to a Friend


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