Hopatcong School District – 1st in eSports – Players have chance at Scholarship $$$

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The Hopatcong School District eSports team announces that currently they are in First Place Nationally in the eSports game of League of Legends. Which is one of the two games that the 28 students in the eSports club competes in through the schools new national alliance with PlayVS for eSports Competitive Play.


The Good News is that playing in the Championships, can earn real scholarship $$$ for the student.

Start of the eSports Team

The start of the eSports team came last fall from Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo Assistant Superintendent, and from Mr. James McKowen who teaches STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) at Hopatcong Middle and High Schools.

“Beyond the social and emotional benefits, eSports teaches the successful use of STEAM in how to plan for success, as the team of students needs to research how to use technology, math, geometry and so many other areas of learning. I always true to ensure learning is unique, authentic, and meaningful for the students.” According to Teacher James McKowen.

Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo Assistant Superintendent, added “eSports and gaming are becoming more and more popular with students. This club will help students feel connected to each other, their teacher, and their school, and I think it will have a tremendous positive impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of our students.”

eSports gaining in popularity

esposts PariseSports has been growing in popularity and legitimacy with the 2024 Summer Olympics, taking place in Paris, to now include demonstration esports events.  According to Scholarships.com, there are more than thirty U.S. colleges and universities that offer scholarships for gamers.

As mentioned above if the team makes it to the Championships, they actually can earn real scholarship $$$ for college.

 Interested in Joining Hopatcong Schools eSports?:

Students information on joining the eSports Club

Contact Email jmckowen@hopatcongschools.org


Hopatcong School District Partnership with PlayVS

We are excited to announce an extension of our partnership with PlayVS to bring League of Legends as a sanctioned high school sport to students in the United States. This includes unlocked champions and skins for participating students; technical integration for a seamless experience; and a brighter spotlight on high school competition building on 2019’s High School Invitational at the League of Legends College Championship.

Our goal is to make League of Legends an inclusive, generational sport, and high school is a big part of this mission. High school is already a fast-growing part of the League of Legends ecosystem in North America, alongside the LCS, LCS Academy, and College. Building on growth at the college level, where over 100 colleges now offer League of Legends scholarships, high schools are stepping up their support for thousands of players representing their schools on Summoner’s Rift.

What is PlayVS?

PlayVS is a competitive platform for esports with a focus on school-sanctioned competition. Since launching with League of Legends in Fall 2018, PlayVS has partnered with eighteen states to offer sanctioned high school esports seasons and state championships. The Spring 2020 League of Legends Season will bring high school competition onto its biggest stage yet.

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