Hopatcong Marketplace - This Saturday - New Time at 10:00 AM

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Once again, the biggest Vendor Fair in Sussex County called Hopatcong Marketplace is descending on the Borough this Saturday, October 10, 2020. Also, the new fall hours have the fair starting at 10:00 AM, so sleep in a little a get ready for a great day of shopping.

Event Information:

showtunes theme copy origDate: Every Saturday until the end of November 2020

Time: Starts at 10:00 AM and Runs until 3:00 PM

Location: Hopatcong Park and Ride (Next we Walgreens) - 47 Hopatchung Rd, Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Parking: DPW Building - 120 River Styx Rd, Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Every Weekend has a Theme: Special Prizes for Booth and Visitors

Largest Marketplace in Sussex County!



The Vendors Already Registered (Expect over 60+):

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·         Crocheted with Love by Robin

·         Land of Ash and Dragon, LLC

·         Queen of the Hill Farm, LLC

·         Ellie Within Pillows & Crafts

·         AlphaZelle & Nature's Golden Miracle CBD

·         Talullah's Treasures

·         The Crazy Cat Lady

·         Gifts From The Heart & Young Living

·         The Barn House Company

·         Krafting Treasures

·         Betty's Treasures Under the Orange Tent

·         Touchstone Crystal

·         Scentsy

·         Thirty-One Gifts

·         SwirlsOnline

·         Bee-Tiful Designs

·         The Cocoa Exchange

·         Beaded By Bettina

·         Bob's Stuff

·         Red Barn Crafts

·         Cait and Callie LLC

·         Hair of the Dog Crafts

·         Collectibles

·         Amnie's Flowers

·         Nancy Collections & BBSBark

·         Bonard Bars

·         ColorStreet

·         Boy Scouts

·         Color Street/Jersey Jewels

·         Baskets By Michele

·         BBQ Pit Catering Company

·         Miss Crazy Handmade

·         Knickknack Art

·         Floppy Ear Pottery

·         New Jersey Water Association

·         Lilia Rose

·         Serenity Lanterns

·         Mary Kay

·         For The Love of Toffee, LLC

·         Ashley's Blooms-Crafting Corner

·         Knitted Items

·         Magical Scentaments

·         Let's Get Personal by Arrie

·         Baronements

·         Dr. Pickles

·         Weirdough Pizza

The Core of the Marketplace Queen of the Hills Farms:

Queen of the Hill Farm is our anchor farm! Along with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, they offer high-quality delicious honey, luxurious beeswax candles plus other honey-based products including handcrafted soaps.

Marketplace 088 22 2020 Queen Hills FarmCover



·         BEETS Red Type

·         CABBAGE Green

·         CABBAGE Red

·         CUCUMBERS

·         EGGPLANT

·         LETTUS – ROMAINE

·         PEPPERS – Long

·         PEPPERS - NJ Jalapeno

·         PEPPERS - RED Bell

·         PEPPERS – ORANGE Bell

·         Acorn Squash

·         Spaghetti Squash

·         Butternut Squash

·         Kabocha Squash

·         ONIONS - SWEET



·         MUSHROOMS

·         Grape - White Seedless

·         Gala Apple

·         Golden Delicious Apple

·         Mcintosh Apple

·         Honeycrisp Apple

·         Pink Lady Apple

·         Granny Smith Apple

·         Fuji Apple

·         D'Anjou Pear

·         Bartlett Pear

·         Bosc Pear

·         Stark Crimson Pear

·         AVOCADOS

·         TOMATOES

Specialty Food Vendors:

The Growing List of Speciality Food Vendors Include:

Food Truck - Rollin with our Hoagies

Rolling Food TruckRolling Food Truck that will be serving Breakfast until 11:00 AM and Lunch through 3:00 PM. Rollin with our Hoagies is your new neighborhood sandwich shop.  Our mission is to make the best food, prepare it with love and service you with a smile!  Our full service restaurant level kitchen was designed to prepare everything from a simple breakfast sandwich to catering a sit down dinner for 200.


BBQ Pit Catering

TBBQ PIT Disheshe BBQ Pit Catering Co is joining us every Saturday at the Hopatcong Marketplace!!! 9am to 3pm in the lot next to 47 Hopatchung Rd. Featuring:6 types of empanadas,3 types of barrel pickles,Roasted peppers,Asiago cheese,Fresh mozzarella salad,Fresh mozzarella,Chocolate chips cookies,Oatmeal raisin cookies,Brownies

 Sue House of FudgeSues House of Fudge

Coming from Riverdale, NJ, Sues House of Fudge features over 20 flavors of Fresh Fudge Chocolate covered Pretzels Bulk Candy


Weirdough Pizza

HMP 9 26 2020 PizzaDid someone say PIZZA?!?!? We are excited to announce that Weirdough Pizza will be joining most Saturdays, although not able to be here with us this Saturday at the Hopatcong Marketplace. They'll be back Oct. 10th.

“We are a farm to pizza operation with a new menu every week based on what's available fresh and local. Fully transportable, we go wherever pizza is needed!”

Roman-style, square-cut pizza, made by hand daily in our custom oven. Crispy on the bottom and chewy in the middle with fresh cheeses, crisp veggies, and salty meats. In Italy they call it pizza al taglio, here we call it pizza by the slice. See Review (Link)


Pickling. Its the family business.

HMP 9 26 2020 Dr Pickle Menu

The doctor has been pickling for over three generations; it began with our grandfather, who started out making pickles in his basement. He would then sell them at Bungalow Colonies in the Catskill Mountains, and various farmers markets under the company name, Shimmy's Pickles. Our father would later open up Paterson Pickle Co., which supplied fresh pickled products & produce to various supermarkets and restaurants.


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