Hopatcong School District – Students being pulled back into School – With Close Monitoring

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During the single-issue meeting by the Hopatcong School District, they first reported on the current status of the schools and then outlined possible plans for moring forward. Below is a recap of the meeting please watch the full video for more information.

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  • They have been most successful with being carefully medically – with only 4 Dismissal for any illness
  • The First Graders have been called in 100% of the time (Except for Virtual Only)
  • The rest of the Students have three plans still (Virtual or A&B weeks)
  • Seniors are coming back 100%
  • thumbnail imageTulsa Trail has had desk sneeze guards installed for 2nd & 3rd Grades (Grants helped cover the cost)
    • Hopefully to call all students back on 10/15
    • Parents will still have Virtual, A/B/ Full time) selection for a period of time
  • Middle school (4th and 5th) will have the same installed starting in two to three weeks (Grants helped cover cost)
  • Special Education student will be invited back to school on Tuesday
  • English as Second Language will also be returning
  • Dividers are not expected for grades 7 – 12 due to their movement between classes

At the above students are brought back in, the school will take a pause to ensure that this has not created any issues.

  • The department of health is involved each step of the way, and provide the guidance
  • The school has seen four cases none of which been COVID-19 related, that have been isolation rooms, and nurses have been phenomenal.
  • Full time is still up until 12:00 PM – Physical Education and Lunch are still out of the question
  • Nurses are looking to make sure that all students have a recent physical
  • If your student is not able to make class (A, B or Fulltime), the PARENT must call in

Parents have Student Day Care Assistance available; (See Link} https://www.childcarenj.gov/

  • After Thanksgiving and Christmas week, the school may be going 100% virtual due to the family gathering (Still TBD)

The teaching staff has been exceptional in all of their efforts. This is a team effort across all departments!


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