Hopatcong Land Use – Gets Creative for Sale of Hudson Maxim School – Vows to be Flexible

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Following the last Land Use Board Meeting on September 15, 2020, where Land Use Board member and Councilmember Richard Schindelar stated that he felt the School District may need to approach the sale from a different perspective.

Over the last week, several Land Use Board members did meet with the Superintendents of schools to offer thoughts on creative ideas for the school as documented in the Hudson Maxim Market Report that was paid for by a Highlands grant. They are following the first recommendation in the hiring of a Real Estate Agent that has experience with buildings like Hudson Maxim.

During the discussion on October 6, 2020, the Land Use Board members felt the following are the issues with selling the building.

  • Old HunsonMaxim SchoolThe building needs to be demolished as it physically is no longer viable (Est. $500,000)
  • The building is believed to contain hazardous materials (Lead Paint, Asbestos (Est $200,000)
  • Cost of building a new building and possible parking structure (Est $2,000,000)

Based upon the possibility of over $2,700,000) in development the costs the investor would be looking for a high-density building that would allow for the recovery of the investment.

The picture below was shown as a possible idea from the Market Study team on what could be built on the Hudson Maxim School Site.

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 New Hudson Mamim School Movie Listen to the full DiscussionOther Brainstorming items that came up during the Land Use Board Session.

  • It does not have to be Condo’s, but could also be elderly housing
  • The Parking Garage would be located underground
  • That section of Lakeside Blvd could be blocked off for parking
  • Possibility of some Lake Rights

Regardless, the Land Use Board vowed to work with the School, and if they bring them the right investor they will be as flexible as possible for a solution that is right for the town.


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