Hopatcong Land Use Board Meeting - Hudson Maxim School Still for Sale

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The following is the Hopatcong Land Use Board Meeting that occurred on September 15, 2020, that handled two new applications, discussed the sale of Hudson Maxim School, and several areas of new and old business. It was surprising during the meeting that the initial buyers of the Hudson Maxim School walked away from the deal (no reason given), and that the sale of the building is back to square one. As stated below, Councilmember Richard Schindelar is looking to assist wherever possible.


1. Brian O’Hare Block 31202 Lot 27 130 Maxim Drive

The applicant is requesting approval for repairing a deck with a small extension. Variances being requested are: 242-38D(4) front yard setback, any variances required by the Land Use Board; pre-existing nonconforming: 242-38D(1) lot size, 242-38D(2) lot width.

Final Board Determination: Approved Application - Building permits are required – Waived are the start of Building permits.

2. Anthony Gangemi / Matthew Peterson B: 30408 L:24 227 Lakeside Blvd.

The applicants are requesting variances to rebuild the exact same size house in the same location after a fire in 2017. Variances being requested are: 242-38D(5) side yard setback, 242-38E(2) building footprint, 242-18A structure within 50’ of lake, 242-26C number of parking spaces, 242-63A building restoration, any variances required by the Land Use Board; pre-existing nonconforming: 242-38D(1) lot size, 242-38D(2) lot width, 242-28C(1) retaining wall setback.

Final Board Determination: Use Variance (R1 Zone) for the structure needs to be completed first (fire occurred in 2017), Applicant has removed this application to start over in the process. If he can get his application in ASAP the LUB will try to expedite.


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Hudson Maxim School Development: The initial buyers have walked away from the deal, leaving the property still for sale. An initiative led by Land Use Board member and Councilmember Richard Schindelar stated, “We are trying to help the school sell the property.” The Land Use Board will try to meet with the school on the best way to market the property. The opinion of the Land Use Board is to keep the slate open to a potential buyer as a prime property in our redevelopment zone.” This should be a partnership.


1. Ordinance 28-2020 from the Council concerning amendment to Short Term Rental

RESOLUTION: Hearing Date as it applies to (28 days) to zoning areas– Will be reviewed October 7, 2020 by the LUB for communications back the Council


1. Letter from E&LP dated 8-31-20 concerning Hudson Farm sewage design.


1. Jeremiah Bailey 38 Eugene Road B:30604 L:1 (Restore Bond) $1000.00

2. Jeremiah Bailey 38 Eugene Road B:30604 L:1 (Engineer Review) $1000.00


  • Anthony Gangemi asked clarifying questions on his application above


  • October 15, 2020, at 10:00, AM there will be a ribbon-cutting at the new solar field in Hopatcong.
  • Problem with number of units (bedrooms) being advertised – Resident with 7 bedrooms needs to come back to the Land Use Board


Delay in River Styx Redevelopment. The contactors received the wrong poles from the manufacturer. The cost of removal, reshipment, and installation falls on the manufacturer and not the Borough.


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