Hopatcong Clean-Up Day 2020 - September 26th

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The final date is Sat, Sept 26th, 9 am - 1 pm and we will assemble at Borough Hall for orientation and to distribute trash bags and gloves for collecting the litter.  

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Environmental Commission member, Jen Barone, will fill in and talk about the connection between litter and mosquito breeding, and how standing water, even a small amount in a bottle cap, is enough for breeding the Zika mosquito, which has been known to breed in Hopatcong. 
 Hopatcong Environmental Commission is hoping for a good turnout of 75 to 100 volunteers and scouts like we've had in previous years, but we'll see what the weather has in store for us.  Hopefully, it will be a beautiful day!  Sussex County Mosquito Control will not be handling the mosquito program this year because of Covid restrictions, but they have generously donated the bags and gloves for our volunteers.  

Substable in NJ

This event is intended to bring home the importance of a litter-free environment and what it takes to keep it that way.  We hope to attract families and groups of neighbors to pick up trash in their neighborhoods, and scouts to comb public areas and safe streets for tossed trash and litter.  A neat, clean town is not our only goal, there is also the important health factor that litter promotes mosquito breeding that can be prevented.  It also teaches our kids that littering is bad.

In prior years, our clean-up has been a big success and we're optimistic it will be equally successful this year.  As an outside event and one that allows for easy social distancing, we feel our residents will come out to enjoy the fresh air of a fine Fall day while helping to keep their town clean and healthy.  You cannot beat that combination!

Sponsored by: Hopatcong Environmental Commission Sussex County Mosquito Control & Hopatcong Clean Communities

What happened in 2019:

The annual event drew Families, Businesses and organizations like the Scouts to help clean up the litter along roadways, parks and other areas of Hopatcong. Each group lined up to sign-in and select the area they wanted to clean, afterwards the group was outfitted with equipment provided by the DPW.

Hopatcong Clean Up Day MovieGroups than worked hard across the town of Hopatcong picking up litter and other discarded items for approximately four-hours. Afterwards they reported back to the Hopatcong Borough Hall to dump of the trash and equipment.

The final tally across call groups was over 100 lbs. of trash.

  • 500 lbs. of Litter

  • 550 lbs. of Scrap Metal


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