Very Important Meeting: Hopatcong School District – Single Issue Meeting – Reopening Plans

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EDITORS NOTE: A previous article stated an incorrect date for the meeting. It is JULY 8, 2020 AT 6:00pm.


As the Hopatcong School District follows the guidelines, they need input from parents in many important key areas:

  • Will there be students who will still not want/be able to attend school?
  • Who is still planning on using bussing, or choose to do otherwise?
  • How are special programs going to be handled?

While the Superintendents will advise on the requirements, the forum is expected to be an open dialog with parents who have key questions and the may different aspects of how the school/state requirements will protect the students, changes taken place, and what services may be minimized.

ALL PARENTS who have questions should attend this outdoor event that follows the State Safety Guidelines as follows as an outdoor event.

Important Event Information:

Topic: Reopening of Hopatcong School District for 2021 School Year

Speakers: Superintendents, Mr. Arthur DiBenedetto & Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo

Date: July 8, 2020

Time: 6:00 PM

Location/Venue: Outdoors, Seating 6-feet apart – Please use safety guidelines

Parking: Lower lots to walk to the 200 seating area in the upper area

While the event will be recorded and available the next day, the School District asks all parents to please attend and learn first-hand, and have their questions answered live during the meeting.

Parking and Arrangements for the meeting:

HSD No Seating


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