Weed Harvesters starting on Lake Hopatcong Crescent Cove in Lake Hopatcong Today

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Today starts the Weed Harvesting for the 2020 Season as these machines start attacking the trimming and removing of a very thick population of weeds in Crescent Cove on Lake Hopatcong.

While the Lake Hopatcong Commission funds the Weed Harvesting on Lake Hopatcong using State Funding, the late start and downsized the operations this year is due to limited State funding. Crescent Cove was targeted at the start since the Borough of Hopatcong created a win-win scenario to make this happen.

To help off-set the lack of State Funding, the Borough of Hopatcong is supplying the off-loading and dump-truck services to help remove the harvested weeds, which greatly reduces the costs of running the weed harvesting program.

Weeds are up this year, and as reported earlier the Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) are currently down, which is allowing the weeds to grow and take over the available space and light.

Watch for further updates as we learn more about Weed Harvesting in 2020 on Lake Hopatcong and other areas that can be handled under the limited funding to the Lake Hopatcong Commission.

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