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Celebrate HHS Graduating Class 2020 – Town Parade Today @ 10.00 AM

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After months of the Superintendents, BOE, and the Mayor of Hopatcong fighting for what was “the best decision” for the Graduating Class 2020, this weekend marks the Celebration of the Graduation for over 100 Hopatcong High School Seniors.

Help Celebrate and Support the Class of 2020:

Parade on Saturday in Town

The Parade for the Graduating Seniors and other dignitaries will be held on Saturday, where the entire town is encouraged to line the streets and cheer our news leaders into the world, after a remarkably interesting year.

Date: Saturday, June 20, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM

Where to Watch: See the Following Route (High School to Modick Park)

Note: Modick Park will be the best place to observe the parade, with two passes by the park (Upper and Lower areas).

HHS Grad Parade

Step-by-Step Directions:

All vehicles will meet at the Hopatcong High School student lot.  From the lot, we will drive past the front of the High School and exit between the Baseball field and Softball field. We will make a left onto Flora Ave and proceed to the stop sign at Frances.  Making a left onto Frances we will proceed to the Middle School.  We will drive past the front of the school and then continue up the path to the High School.  We will then travel back through the student lot and drive past Tulsa Trail School. We will exit Tulsa Trail School from Lackawanna Trail and make a right onto Durban Avenue.  We will continue on Durban and make a right onto Shawnee Rd and then Left onto Sharp Avenue/River Styx Road.  Continuing on River Styx Road to Lakeside Blvd. driving past Hudson Maxim School. Continue on Lakeside Blvd to Hopatchung Road and make a right onto Hopatchung Road.  Vehicles will then make a left onto Chincopee Avenue and a left onto Shawnee and arrive at the park.

A fire truck will be in the front and rear of the parade. All vehicles should turn on their headlights and hazards during the parade.


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