Hopatcong School District Update – In-Person Graduation Approved – Provides Statewide Leadership

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The Superintendents of the Hopatcong School District have received one of New Jersey’s first approvals to proceed with an in-person High School graduation. The approved proposal from the Governor’s office allows for Drive-In type graduation with participants remaining in their cars throughout the event.

The graduation can now proceed on time for June 19, 2020, at 9:00 PM and the event will be held in the upper High School parking lot that holds exactly the right number of spaces as graduating seniors.

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An official announcement to the district will be sent on May 21, 2020, with the required paperwork, registration process, participation rules, timing, and media coverage information.

Speaking of this win for Hopatcong, Superintendent, Mr. Arthur DiBenedetto explained that “We could not have achieved this milestone for our graduating seniors without the direct support from the Mayor, Council, BOE Board Members and the community that helped achieve this really big win for Hopatcong Seniors.”

Drive-In becomes Hi-Tech Professional Production:

“This event will be a very professional production handled by Mr. Segale from our Video Broadcast department (Arrow TV), I know the resulting product from this event will be a very professional piece long remembered and accessible by the students.” Stated, Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo, Assistant Superintendent

The Drive-In Achievement Ceremony set to feature:

  • Very Large Drive-In Screen with a localized radio broadcast of the production
  • Professional production of the entire graduation of each senior, achievements, and interviews
  • Small Live Hopatcong Band Presentation
  • Diploma handed out as cars leave
  • Parade through town the following day

Note: Other broadcast areas such as Facebook Live are also be considered.

Highlights of Drive-In Achievement Ceremony Requirements:

  • All Parents and Students must complete provided paperwork
  • Masks should be worn, and all social distancing rules should be followed
  • Caps & Gowns are optional / but available
  • Only one car per Graduating Senior
  • Participants will not be able to leave the vehicle
  • No additional spectators will be allowed to the live event/streaming options available

"We need to follow the rules", Stated Superintendent, Mr. Arthur DiBenedetto

Since the event needs to start after dark, the parade through Hopatcong will start the next day.

Watch for additional information regarding this big event for the Graduating Seniors, as posted by the School, Seniors and the entire Borough of Hopatcong.


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