Hopatcong Borough Hall – Now Open to Public – Rules Apply

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The Borough of Hopatcong has opened the Borough Hall starting today May 13, 2020, and within one week of the request from the Mayor during the last council meeting, requesting, “a solid plan, limits and strict control using protective barriers for everyone’s health.”

During the meeting, the Borough Administrator Ron Tappan indicated he would provide the Mayor and Council with a plan for a safe reopening by the end of last week.

This reopening now allows residents to conduct their business with the Borough while following newly established rules:

New Rules:

  • New Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Only 10 Residents allowed in the building at one time
  • Residents MUST wear Masks
  • Maintain the 6-foot social distancing guidelines
    • Look for the X’s on the floor
  • MUST wear gloves if touching paperwork, or passing paperwork
  • Both Cash & Checks are accepted (Checks preferred)
  • Hand Sanitizers are available throughout the building

Note: The online forms, drop-box, and mail-in processes continue for anyone that wishes to continue to use these forms of conducting business.

In speaking to the Borough Administrator Ron Tappan, the protective barriers have been installed, floors have been marked, and employees have been trained on the new procedures. Efforts for the reopening are directly attributed to the work that the Employees, DPW, and the Mayor and Council have done to help us reach this new level of service.

The Borough will be fully staffed by 05/18/2020 as some employees return from furlough or working remotely situations.

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