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Editor: Public Correction on Misstatement by Hopatcong Lake Regional News

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Hopatcong Lake Regional News (HLRN) is clarifying a statement that was made to a resident regarding an article that was posted on 04-29-2020.

In the article, HLRN correctly stated, “To help get the facts Hopatcong Lake Regional News reached out to resident <name removed> as she seemed to be the center of the post.”

After the article was published, a resident reached out to HLRN regarding someones comment made when the article was shared, incorrectly stating HLRN conducted the interview because “They saw the malicious lies and attacks.”

HLRN responded:  

“That's fine <name removed>... She seems to be running with a story in her post to prove a point. The fact is we received her message Tue 9:49 PM. I then reached out and set up an interview with the daughter.

Where does she have that posted? I'll ask her to remove the section that tries to speak for us...”

Clarification: The above statement is incorrect and incomplete. That is 100% the fault of HLRN – We own it.

The Correct Facts:

HLRN reached out to the mother-to-be to request an interview which she grated the next morning. Another family member reached out in the interim to make certain HLRN was aware of the facts and that an open legal investigation may prevent certain information and parties from being disclosed to you.

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