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Facts surrounding the Hopatcong Alleged Baby Shower Blowup

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On Tuesday, April 29, 2020, the Hopatcong Online Facebook page lit-up regarding an alleged Baby Show Party that took place at the Hopatcong Community and Wellness Center, which is closed to the public at this time.

The initial Facebook post by Heather Marie Fiore who is running for Council this fall did not contain a lot of facts, so as the 100’s of comments piled-up they contained quite of bit of speculation on what really happened.

To help get the facts Hopatcong Lake Regional News reached out to local resident Em Raye as she seemed to be the center of the post. The following is what we learned…

Facts about the Alleged Baby Shower:

  • Em Raye is pregnant with her first child due in June

  • Councilwoman Dawn Roberts as the Director for the Community Center has been continuing to offer services to the public (Food, supplies, etc.), even though the center is closed to walk-ins. See related article (link to article).

  • Councilwoman Dawn Roberts has been providing assistance outside of Borough responsibilities to Em Raye and her family during her pregnancy (Blood Pressure Checks), so she does not have to leave the house.

  • Several people provided donations for Em Raye’s first child to the community center

  • Councilwoman Dawn Roberts handled the incoming donations with her standard sterilization process and 24-hour drying time

  • Councilwoman Dawn Roberts and Em Raye’s mother arranged for Em Raye to be involved in the pick-up of the donations as they wanted it to be a surprise

  • Councilwoman Dawn Roberts unlocked the front door of the Community Center so Em Raye and her mother could pick-up the packages

  • At the time of the Pick-up Em Ray’s mother recorded the event on her laptop, with a live Zoom conference call that included several of the people that provided the donations

  • The donations were then loaded into the car and they left the Community Center

  • Em Raye believes the Zoom Conference lasted for 10 minutes or less

Those are the facts regarding the event, in the hopes that this helps with communications and clarity on the Hopatcong Alleged Baby Shower Blowup.


Incorrect Text 3Update: Note if you have seen the following Facebook post floating around, the intro to the article is incorrect. Hopatcong Lake Regional News was not investigating lies and attacks, but rather only interested in the facts so we could publish them in an article. We do not take sides in these matters, but rather try to ensure local residents have the facts as best as we can provide.


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