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Hopatcong Board of Education Meeting – April 27, 2020 – Opening Date Still Pending - Budget - Appreciation for Efforts & More

Pictured: Mr. Cerulo’s Music Class – Remote Learning

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Virtual meeting of the Board of Education for the Hopatcong School District that occurred on April 27, 2020. During the meeting, the board made quick work of the agenda and focused on School & Budget updates, and the high-level of appreciation for the hard effort from everyone involved.

Meeting Highlights: The following are the major items that were discussed, we highly urge readers that are interested in these subjects to review the full 20-minute video.

Meeting Highlights:

  • Budget Update: There is NO TAX LEVY on this budget. This budget has been developed on a zero base, understanding we are dealing with a $1,700,000 reduction in state funding. The budget will be posted later this week, once the board approves.
  • MJSLA Science Testing: Testing for 5th, 8th, and 11th grades, students tested slightly below average or average across multiple areas.

Board of Education President (Alex McLean) Statement:

  • THANK YOU to all of the staff in the district for the great work you are doing in these difficult times
  • Governor has still left the date May 15, 2020 as the possible reopening date statewide, which leaves a lot of unknowns at this time. We just do not have answers today.

Agenda Items:

  • All agenda items passed in two grouped votes (see attached agenda)

Public Comment:

  • Joanne Woodard: Thanked everyone for the job they do with the children, asked if school starts on May 15, 2020, could students with underlying conditions still continue homeschooling?
    • Superintendent DiBenedetto Responded: The health of our children is vital and there will be significant flexibility given, please don’t worry about that at a time like this.
  • Lynn Owens: Lived in Hopatcong since 1947 and is so impressed with the Superintendents and the work that they do, she attended Hudson Maxim school and will miss the school, but understands it time to let it go. Thanked the entire staff of all the schools for the work that they do.

The entire Board of Education lead by Dr. Sarah Schindelar thanked Board President Alex McLean, for the hard work he and the volunteer group has put into the food drives that have been happening in Hopatcong.

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