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Hopatcong School District Update: Reentry Plans - Graduation – Hero’s & More

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The following provides key updates regarding the Hopatcong School District. Today both Superintendents provided the following interview, where they provide key updates on reentry plans, how best to handle graduation, and much more.

While we have provided a summary of the interview below, we encourage readers to watch the full 20 minutes of the video to fully hear the updates firsthand.

HSD 04 24 2020 Movie Cover                Watch the InterviewAlex McLean, President of the Board of Education, “I cannot say enough about the staff of our District.  At the drop of a hat, each-and-every one of them stepped up and went above and beyond for our kids; truly impressive. “

Update on Hopatcong School District:

Status of the sale for Hudson Maxim School:

The sale is continuing to move forward with activity even being done during this time

  • Sale moving forward, buyer currently reviewing the building this week
  • Final Contract almost ready to sign
  • Thank you for the Town’s assistance in helping us reach this goal

Status of Virtual Learning:

Virtual learning continues to move forward smoothly for most students:

  • Google is the approved platform for our lessons
  • Does not Replicate what is in the Classroom – Best we can do at this time
  • Does not meet the needs across all-students

Re-entry Plans:

Looking at all areas of what needs to be done before schools reopening:

We will do everything possible to ensure everyone’s safety… The information is scratchy at this point… I have concerns about opening schools this year…” Stated Mr. Arthur DiBenedetto, Superintendent

  • School may be closed through the end of this school year
  • School Nurses being consulted on thoughts regarding reentry plan
  • Difficult Decision – Only starting to see external recommendations on the subject
  • School District working hard on all alternatives to meet timeline
  • Trauma that students feel through this period will need to be dealt with even in the new school year as one of our most important tasks

Parents and Student Grading:

  • Grading is important within the district, but of a secondary concern during this period.
  • Different students’ have different needs, school is focused on meeting those needs
  • Principles within the District defined what is important for their school
  • Grading is being done at High School Level


  • The final School Graduation is still under discussion, Superintendent is in favor of “Later graduation is better than a virtual one”.
    • Students deserve a send-off equal to the efforts they have placed into their education
  • Prom has been moved, and still in discussion as to the final resolution
  • Regardless, the School is looking into how to make these in-person memorable events for the Class of 2020!

The district understands the difficulty created for families with Graduation, Sports, Music, and other programs placed on long periods of time now on hold. “We are looking at all opportunities to reschedule and move these events for everyone’s benefit.” Stated, Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo, Assistant Superintendent

Special Mention to Hero’s within the Community:

  • Health Professionals, First Responders and others in the community
  • Teachers also to be mentioned in these groups, as they gain new respect
  • Teacher’s going out of their way to reach out to the students…

Long-Term Vision remains in place:

At this time, the district does not see any changes in plans to accelerate the Hopatcong School District into the future on their five-year plan.

  • Most of the plans remain the same, CTE plans will be opening next year, New ELA path starting next year and professional development plans

Upcoming Board of Education Meeting:

Streaming on Monday Night – Need to send questions ahead of time to the following:

Questions will be read by President of the Board Alex McLean, and answered live during the meeting

Alex McLean as the President of the Board of Education stated, “The Board continues performing its function and we will have our regularly scheduled meeting this coming Monday. Your input is critical to the team effort and we encourage the public to email their questions, thoughts, and ideas to the Superintendent before the meeting and we will do our best to address each during the meeting.”

Budget Worries and Potentials:

  • Because the State will see significant tax revenue shortfall, additional funding may be cut
  • This would be catastrophic to the district that is already dealing with a large budget cut
  • Everyone within the district is being paid during this period, with the hope that Federal dollars under the CARES Act will help off-set that cost


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