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Hopatcong Community Center – Continues Zero-Contact delivery of Food & Necessary Supplies

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The Hopatcong Community Resource and Wellness Center had already proven to be a valuable source of information and services during its first year of operation, and those efforts continue in this time of greater need under the leadership of Councilwoman Dawn Roberts.

As one of the cornerstone groups that has been delivering services during this period, Hopatcong Lake Regional news was able to gather the following update from Councilwoman Dawn Roberts.

Hopatcong Community Center Update:

Dawn Video In1Prior update during 04/15/2020 Council MeetingFrom Councilwoman Dawn Roberts, Director, HCRWC [04/22/2020]: The Hopatcong Community Resource and Wellness Center has been closed since March 5th to foot traffic due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, but we have made the community aware that if anyone has a need they can reach us via telephone or email, and we are Open to Help!

Contact Information:

Phone: (973 810-3238)

Email: resourcecenter@hopatcong.org

Online: Facebook Page

Since March 5th, we have taken in donations of canned, boxed, packaged, and frozen foods, as well as cleaning and paper supplies. Private residents across multiple counties in the northern NJ area have donated, and two major corporations have donated cases of paper products, along with monetary donations. We can now give ShopRite gift cards to seniors with strict dietary restrictions due to diabetes, and these cards allow them to continue with Glucerna and Ensure, an important component of their diet.

During the current environment other criteria are:

  • ANYONE of any age that cannot shop for themselves due to being immuno-compromised.
  • Any senior citizen as they are at a higher risk for catching the virus
  • Families that have been waiting weeks for an unemployment check and have no other prospects to feed their families.

From March 5th to the present date we have helped 54 families, and 32 senior citizens living alone in the town of Hopatcong.

Dawn Video In3Our process here at the center is a very controlled one. I take the goods in the back door, so I do not have people congregating about. In the back, every item is decontaminated and sits out to dry for 24 hours.

The food and supplies will then be moved to the front, where it is ready to be boxed. When people call in, myself or another individual will wear PPE and deliver the food directly to the resident. We then call the resident to let them know the items are on their doorstep. There is zero contact!

Dawn Video In2The goal is to feed those that are facing the biggest challenges during this crisis, ie: underlying health issues where social distancing is a Must for that individual, or families without the financial means to shop for themselves. We are meeting this goal on a daily basis and have been for six+ weeks.

Going forward, we will be getting a freezer, two groups are already in the queue to donate meat and chicken to us to share with the community until such time as the community is collectively back on its feet.

With the warmest regards, Councilwoman Dawn Roberts, Director, HCRWC


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