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Hopatcong Council Meeting – Wednesday @ 10:00 AM – Remote Webinar

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This Wednesday April 15, 2020 will see the Borough of Hopatcong Council holding their standard meeting through remote webinar technology, that allows everyone to see and participate in the meeting.

If you have not had a chance to attend a meeting in the past, this may be your opportunity to attend a meeting and see what happens as our local Borough Government conducts business and opens the floor to the public for feedback.

Meeting Information:

Date: April 15, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM

Agenda: Connect to PDF Agenda

Connect to Meeting: Click this Link – Connect by your Smartphone, Smart TV, Tablet or PC

Hopatcong Remote Meetings:

This is the second meeting that the Hopatcong Borough has held through remote technologies, and in speaking to Administrator Ron Tappan that makes everything happen behind the scenes, he provided the following…

Ron Tappan"Since the on-set of the COVID -19, with business closures, and Social Distance Implementations the Borough continued to investigate ways as to keep as much of our processes going along with maintaining the highest protection for our employees and residents." Stated Ron Tappan

"With all the internal controls we put in place we still needed to satisfy the need to conduct meetings and continue to have public participation.  So I started reviewing all the web-based video systems that the schools were using for in-home instruction, WebEx, Go to Meeting, Zoom  etc…  meetings.  Zoom seemed to fit the model we were looking for.  I am planning to use this model for our Council, Land-use and Environmental Meetings.  I have also offered the use of this system for continuing Union Negotiations that were taking place prior to the Pandemic.  So, as we sharpen up the process, I think you will see this type of meeting establishments more of the norm than the exception."

Editor’s Note:

If you have never been to a previous meeting before this may be your opportunity to see the Council in action, and help you better understand on how this VERY MUCH local type of government works.

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