Hopatcong School District Update: Optimistic Outlook – Exceeding Results -&- Moving Forward

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On Friday, March 27, 2020, the Superintendents of Hopatcong School District (HSD) provided the following interview with Hopatcong Lake Regional News to communicate the following important updates.

As we finish the second week of the transition to home-school learning for students, the Hopatcong School District (HSD) Superintendents spoke about important updates for their progress, what’s working, and what will change.

The attached video is a must-watch for anyone in the district.

Important Messages in the Video:

  • HSD 03 27 2020 In1This is a new Adventure in Education – Never Attempted before
  • Special Shout out to the Teachers & Everyone else
  • The Student always come first
  • The District started with an Optimistic Outlook – and have Exceeded Results to date
  • Several Areas of Challenge Ahead
  • Students that are overbooked will receive relief – We understand
  • Addressing Parents not able to work from home
  • School Counselors are available to assist
  • Maintain the Faith and Attitude
  • Please communicate any questions or problems

Overall, Superintendent Arthur DiBenedetto felt that the School District went into this with an Optimistic Outlook and that they have Exceeded Results based upon the current performance of the Teachers, Students, and Parents.

Assistant Superintendent, Joseph S. Piccirillo added, “We owe this all to this to everyone who worked so hard on making this happen, and that continues to evolve this as the new short-term norm.”

Also, watch for the upcoming special feature article on how Hopatcong School District is going above and beyond for their students.

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