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Update: Lake Hopatcong – Residents-Helping-Residents – Donations Needed

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As reported in the Lake Hopatcong region we have five primary groups that are supporting anyone that needs assistance, through volunteer assistance and food donations. Today, one of the groups “Hopatcong FOOD & SUPPLY DRIVE” is assisting for assistance in the form of donations.


Founders Alex McLean or Dawn Bocchini announced today “We have helped many but we have many, many more requests for assistance from families and seniors in need during this difficult time.  We are now out of donations and daily contributions have dwindled to nearly nothing.”

They are seeking your assistance through the drop-off boxes below, or through GoFundMe where 100% goes to the requests. 

DropBox Locations:

  • Hopatcong High School: 2A Windsor Ave, Hopatcong, (By Front Doors)
  • QuickChek: Lakeside Blvd, Hopatcong
  • Pick-up Services Available

Donation ideas: non-perishable food items, student supplies (pencils, notebooks, art supplies, etc.), household supplies, care package items. Please no used items. These items will be delivered to those in need.

Contact Alex McLean or Dawn Bocchini by Facebook.

Summary of all Groups:


Name / Services

More Info:



Volunteer Services (Errands etc.) 

More Info



Donations & Delivery to Residents 


More Info


Community Center Assistance

Donations & Delivery to Residents 

Update: Has Food, No Cleaning Supplies

More Info


Surplus and Services Exchange

Donations & Delivery to Residents 

Update: Inviting More Local Residents to Join

More Info

Mount Arlington

Volunteer Hotline

Volunteer Services (Errands etc.) 

More Info

Jefferson Township Quarantine 2020 Surplus and Services Exchange

We spoke to the creator of this Jefferson Township Facebook group 'community bulletin board' that seeks to serve the area. “If I can only help one person through this it’s worth it.” Was the initial thought of Rebecca Pierce.

Join the group to post your surplus items or post your request for essential items or services. If you are willing to pick up grocery items, please post here! 

Contact: Jefferson Township Quarantine 2020 Surplus and Services Exchange on Facebook

Hopatcong Community Center

Hopatcong Community Center In1The Community Center is closed to the public but is still operating by phone and email. They have been busy taking in donations and then personally delivering them to Hopatcong residents in need. For more information contact the Community Center by phone (973 810-3238) or email (resourcecenter@hopatcong.org).

Hopatcong Residents-Helping-Residents - Volunteer Hotline

This was the first service placed online last week by the Mayor of Hopatcong as he is personally working on collecting names of people that can help and matching incoming requests to the closest person able to help. Stated Hopatcong Mayor Michael Francis.

 “The governing body of Hopatcong is working hard for our residents, and we will be providing accurate information as it becomes available. Stated Mayor, Michael Francis.

“In the meantime, I’m spearheading an effort to organize residents that are able to help, to residents that need some type of assistance. If someone needs assistance in my community, I’m going to make sure they get it.”

Contact Information:

Mayor Michael Francis

Email: mfrancis@hopatcong.org

Phone: 973-770-1200

Mount Arlington Volunteer Hotline

According to Mount Arlington Mayor Michael Stanzilis, the Volunteer hotline was the idea that was pitched over a week ago by several members in the Borough and fellow residents. According to the Mayor, the theme was constant in that “Mount Arlington wants to come together as a community and help those that need assistance.” So, we proceeded with the idea and appointed the clerk’s office as the focal point.

“The residents of Mount Arlington really look-out for each other and care for each other in times of need. This idea flows directly from the community’s desire to look after each other.”

If you are interested in being added to our list of Volunteers, please provide your contact information to our Clerk’s Office at kknight@mtarlingtonboro.com.

Local Food Pantries:

Below are the local food pantries that serve the area.

New Hope Food Pantry

316 Dover Milton Road

Oak Ridge, NJ - 07438


Hours: The first Thursday and third Saturday of the month. 10:00am - 12:00pm 

We welcome any who need help and we appreciate any donations.

West Side Methodist Church

16 Maxim Dr #1911, Hopatcong, NJ 07843

FOOD PANTRY: STP (Save The People)

Hours: Wednesday from 10:00 – 12:00 PM

Contact: 973-398-0846

The food pantry at West Side Methodist is open to the public Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 – 12:00 PM. During which time they bring the food directly to the car to minimize contact. The food distributed by the church includes a box of non-perishable food (banana box), usually a few baked items (baked items courtesy of B.J.s) and often small amounts of meat.

Hurdtown United Methodist Church

Rt. 15 S Lake Hopatcong NJ 07849

973-663-1216 church; 973-663-1663 Pastor's study

Hours: Sun 9:30 a.m. Call pastor first Jefferson Twp & local residents.

Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church

204 Espanong Rd.

Lake Hopatcong NJ 07849


Mon - Fri 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.; after 2:30 call for appt.

No restrictions for Jefferson residents in perceived need Jefferson Township and surrounding areas

Thank you for entertaining us with your talents… 

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