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Duo continues run for Hopatcong Borough Council

Photo Credit: Ryan Pride

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The team of Heather Marie Fiore and Trish DeDolce continue their bid for the two council seats for the Borough of Hopatcong through online resources during this outbreak, as the team is ever so close to gathering the required 50 signatures and filing the necessary paperwork.

In a social media post, Council hopeful Heather Marie Fiore stated, “Unfortunately as of now there are no extensions on the petition deadline… to get us on the ballot for June.” This important petition requires at least 50 signatures for each of the candidates.

During an online interview, Heather further stated. “Please also note that while the signature deadline hasn’t been extended, I will have our petition in time and completed we just like to be prepared for any challenges that may come.”

All of this comes as the communities close-down and as stated by Heather, “In light of all the shutdowns, social distancing, and curfews, we will be unable to do a group signing place.” They are urging residents to reach out online.

Contact Information:

Transparency for a Debt-Free Hopatcong

Transparency for a Debt-Free Hopatcong Background:

This team announced their intention to run for the Hopatcong council in early 2020, stating “We want to continue and build on the platform that was started in 2019. Transparency in government and financially sound decision making to improve the existing town and make a town that people can be proud to call home.”

“Trish and I are using the same name and platform with a focus on communication with residents and giving them all the information about happenings and what is truly going on, moving towards becoming debt-free, financial strengthening essentially making our tax dollars work better for the existing residents and strengthening the relationships between the council and the majority of the residents and departments where there is currently a divide.”

“Please also note that while the signature deadline hasn’t been extended, I will have our petition in time and completed we just like to be prepared for any challenges that may come with signatures and have more than enough rather than the bare minimum we were hoping to get a few more signing dates just to solidify our petition that’s the downside to this covid 19 restriction.”

Past Platform Statements:

Heather Fiore for Borough CouncilThe lasts statements from that we have on “Transparency for a Debt-Free Hopatcong” go back to 2019, with the following interview from Heather Fiore for Hopatcong Borough Council

BRIEF BIO: I’ve been a Residential property manager for ten years and oversee roughly 6,500 homes in either condo and homeowner associations. This career has given me the ability to understand financial and property aspects and the structure of a large caseload.

I believe these are the traits I would bring to the Hopatcong Borough Council.

Key areas Targeted:

  • Looking to open up the council and town to a transparent and open environment for the community
  • All meetings and budgets should be posted online
  • Examine the budgets department by department to find saving
  • Seeking to help the borough to become debt-free
    • Dept costs the Borough in both Interest and administration cost
      • Sewer debt $29M
      • General budget debt $8M – $9M
      • Water $1 – $2 M
  • Seek additional Borough savings without tax increases

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