Mayor of Hopatcong – Gains Additional $145,000 Grant for Crescent Cove HAB Project

Hopatcong Mayor educates Senators on local Economic Damages from HABs (09/2019)

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Mayor Francis has been very vocal on the need for action regarding Lake Hopatcong and has spent the last 6-months visiting Trenton, developing a strategy, reviewing possible solutions and visiting other lakes to create the final DEP proposal. According to the Mayor, the entire process above was done without a cost to the taxpayers.

LHC 12 09 2019 Mayor MovieMayor Francis of Hopatcong updates the Lake Hopatcong Commission (12/2019)His project targets the Crescent Cove area of Lake Hopatcong, as one of the toughest areas of the lake, where the levels were the highest throughout last year. The year-long project will demonstrate the effectiveness of an extensive aeration system and other algae prevention methods.

State Legislative Support

Mayor Francis has also gained support from the State Legislators for Lake Hopatcong and his project, as Senator Anthony Bucco stated today…

“This is the good news we’ve been waiting for, and our hope is the State is beginning to recognize its responsibility to maintain these valuable assets. The grants will fund projects that are crucial for the lakes and the communities surrounding the lakes. I thank the DEP and the Administration for their support, but this wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of the Lake Hopatcong Commission, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation, Morris and Sussex counties and the municipalities surrounding the Lake. They are all to be commended for working together to complete and file the grant applications on time, and with the hard dollars necessary to support the projects.”

Grant is not for the Full Amount

According to past interviews with Mayor Francis, the submitted grant proposal to the DEP was for over $250,000, and the announcement of the grant is only for $145,000, which means that a portion of the project may not have been approved.

Hopatcong Lake Regional News is currently working on getting on the Mayor’s schedule for more information on the partial grant and what may be missing.  

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