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Hopatcong Schools – Kindness Certified - Great Kindness Challenge Results

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The Hopatcong Borough Schools have become a Kindness Certified School District for the past 3 years in a row.

Each building celebrated the Great Kindness Challenge in January with a spirit week and celebrations of countless acts of kindness. Students celebrated Hopatcong Pride, wore rainbow colors to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud, were dreaming of a kind world with pajama day, wore vacation gear, and teamed up for kindness!

At Durban Avenue, students decorated the kindness tree in the front lobby with daily goals for kindness. They watched a video created by the Student Climate Team on kindness and followed the arrows of the Great Kindness Challenge in a mystery walk throughout the school.

Many students participated in the Great Kindness Challenge with their families and on their own!

At Durban Avenue School, we celebrate Kindness 365 days of the year (366 this year)!

Congratulations to the following students who completed the Great Kindness Challenge as a family!

·         Kinsley Arace

·         Matthew Barrett

·         Althea Burnham

·         Luke Baird

·         Joshua Cardona

·         Adriana Dearborn

·         Jason Esposito Holt

·         Arabella Gomez

·         Rocco Joana

·         Nathan Simon

·         Jaslyn Vasquez

·         Michael Wester

·         Julia Zlotek


Congratulations to the following students who completed the Great Kindness Challenge!

·         Kinsely Arace

·         Althea Burnham

·         Joshua Cardona

·         Giovanna Finanno

·         Jason Esposito Holt

·         Sammi Frances

·         Arabella Gomez

·         Bella Hernandez

·         Aldo May

·         Eliana Martinez

·         Madison Martucci

·         Zoey Negron Tinio

·         Ethan Ovalles

·         Emma Platt

·         Astoria Pultz

·         Kinley Ross

·         Olivia Tirondola

·         Adrianna Willeski

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