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Lakefront TEX-MEX Restaurant Proposed in Hopatcong

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The Hopatcong Land Use Board was approached during their last meeting on March 3rd about the ongoing efforts underway to open a Lakefront Tex-Mex restaurant.

During the public comment section, the board was approached regarding reopening the old Glasser’s Seafood and Steakhouse as a Tex-Mex type of restaurant. Their plans include removing the Marina portion of the property and just keeping the boat slips for restaurant customers. They also plan on remodeling the building, while keeping the same overall footprint.

While their visit was unofficial, and yet have to submit final plans for approval. The Hopatcong Land Use Board was very supportive of the idea of bringing the business back within Hopatcong, they also took time to outline areas that they would like to see resolved since the past ownership, such as, easements and parking.

In speaking to the new owners, the current timeframe for the opening is late May or early June depending on their official proposal to the Land Use Board.

The location is on northwestern shores of Lake Hopatcong in Henderson Cove as seen on the map below.

Tex Mex Map

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