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Hudson Maxim School to become - State of the Art Group Housing

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In recent reporting by the NJ Herald, the old Hudson Maxim School has found a new buyer. Wish, NJ, Inc., a Maplewood-based entity firm, offered $772,000 as the purchase price.

During the last state of the district meeting, Hopatcong School District Superintendent, Mr. Arthur DiBenedetto announced two potential buyers, the first looking to build residential housing, and the second seeking to build Group Housing.

The offer being accepted is from WILO NJ, which told the NJ Herald that it plans to provide state-of-the-art housing, which will accept a prospective resident’s income-based housing vouchers from the state.

Read the full NJ Herald Article

More about Wish NJ:

Wright Individualized Supports in Housing was formed by Keldrick Wright of Maplewood, NJ, as an answer to the call to create WILO set out to provide a unique path where persons with disabilities could learn independent living skills such as social skills, laundry skills, community awareness and safety, cooking skills, personal care, wellness and other skills needed for one to enjoy life more independently. WILO is an approved NJ Medicaid Provider Agency.

WILO believes that every person, regardless of ability, has the right to be a part of the greater community and be viewed and treated as valued members of society. WILO believes in providing individuals who have disabilities with the skills and experiences to build confidence and promote community participation and inclusion.

WILO offers a variety of services and programs such as overnight respites, weekend travel and socialization, housing and other initiatives.

History of Hudson Maxim School:

It has been just over a year since Hudson Maxum School was closed by the BOE and the boiler failure that left the town, teachers and administrators scrambling to more the materials and integrate the students into the other schools within one weekend.

The school was built in the early 1900s and as such has little infrastructure to support another owner without complete demolition and redevelopment of the property.


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