Christopher Ryan Vincent – “I’m not the Monster they made me out to be…”

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During the recent Hopatcong Council meeting, Councilman Bradley Hoferkamp read a statement regarding the lack of respect from a few individuals towards the Council and gave several examples during the statement.

One of the primary examples given in the statement centered on Christopher Ryan Vincent a five-year local resident of Hopatcong. “I’m not the monster they made me out to be…”, Stated Christopher, during an interview with Hopatcong Lake Regional News.

“I have given a lot to this community, I’ve helped with the Flea Market, worked with the Recreation Department as a volunteer for the last four years, and worked to help multiple organizations raise non-profit funds.”

It is true that I’ve experienced mental health issues in the past, and since then I’ve taken every step possible within the medical and psychological areas to work on solving these issues. The statement by Councilman Hoferkamp was incorrect on the charges against me, and he should have researched it further before making the statement. The charges mentioned during the meeting were from a tough night when I was under a suicide watch due to a change in meds.

Additionally, the fact that private text messages between myself and one other person were published has me wondering how they got the messages? They were private messages, sure I ranted, but it was never intended to be seen by anyone mentioned in the messages.

During the interview with Hopatcong Lake Regional News, Christopher once again mentioned the legal considerations that are underway, as outlined in the New Jersey Herald article. Stating, “It’s hard to trust anyone in this town after this episode.”

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