Hopatcong Council Fights Back against Verbal & Social Media Attacks

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During the February 19. 2020 Hopatcong Borough Council meeting, Councilman Bradley Hoferkamp read the following statement regarding the verbal abuse the council takes from a few individuals.

The statement was triggered in part by an incident that occurred during the last Council Meeting, in which Christopher Ryan Vincent questioned Councilwoman Dawn Roberts regarding posting a flyer in the Community Center, and not returning messages. The conversation then later flowed onto Facebook, where some of the posts are still visible.

Prepared Statement:

Councilman Bradley Hoferkamp Movie CoverWatch the VideoMayor, members of Council and the general public, I have asked Councilwomen Dawn Roberts if I could speak regarding events that have occurred, before our last Council Meeting, during our last Council meeting, and since then, as they relate to Christopher Ryan Vincent. I am advising that we are seeking a no-contact order against Mr. Vincent as a result of learning of various threatening texts directed toward Councilwomen Roberts. We have handed over information to the Hopatcong Police Department, who forwarded same for investigation by the Sussex County Prosecutors Office.

By way of background this Council is made up of volunteers who freely give of their time in an attempt to improve our town in numerous ways. Often it is a thankless task. In addition, a majority of the council also have spouses, who volunteer their time as well, as school board members, women’s club members, high school band supporters, environmental' commission members, church activities and veteran’s affairs... just to name a few.

For over a year this board has suffered a total lack of respect and endured thru a variety of baseless verbal attacks by a few despicable and shameful individuals, some which are present here tonight. We often have politely refrain from direct confrontation out of respect to all. We have often not been shown the same.

We have been accused falsely of breaking local law, state law, and federal law. There is even one father of a council candidate that stated loudly during our last council meeting that we are “crooks", and has done so on other occasions at these meetings. Strangely enough there has not been one shred of evidence presented by anyone to substantiate any of these wild and false claims. To reiterate.. .there has not been one indictment, not one arrest, not one arraignment, not one court appearance, and not one conviction.

By way of contrast, Christopher Vincent is a known criminal. What has he been charged with in the past? To name a few: assault.

terroristic threats, throwing bodily fluids at Dept of Corrections personnel, violent behavior, resisting arrest, etc. Other frequent members of the council's audience include known sexual offenders and other lawbreakers. There are others who appear and speak here regularly for the sad fact they wish to see their name in print on the minutes or their mug on youtube or to promote their political agenda. Sadly, the other 99.9% of the good citizens of Hopatcong, who are trying to put food on the table for their family and support their family, are traditionally absent from our meetings, therefore we could easily get a wrapped sense of our community. But this is not going to happen on our watch.

We welcome as a council ALL residents to come and advise us of their concerns at our meetings, however, they are few and far between. We waste our time and energy dealing with the same individuals over and over, who are here to point out the obvious or try to have a gotcha moment.

I am now going to hand out the copies of these texts, with his phone number partially marked out, as sent by Christopher Vincent Ryan to another resident. I will not read them out loud, as we are being broadcast, and I do not want underage individuals, to hear these disgusting threats and statements. These statements could only come from a very sick and twisted individual. The local media can reproduce them, within their own legal parameters.

If it is legal as determined by our legal counsel, I am asking this council to declare Christopher Ryan Vincent “persona non grata " at this and all future meetings based upon what you have been given.

In closing, I know Mr. Vincent a little bit, it is my opinion only, that he is being used by others in their attempt to promote themselves at his expense. Having said that however, if you want to denigrate a Gold Star Mother in the future, please feel free to come after me instead.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

Note: The above statement had to be run through OCR, which may introduce minor typos.


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