Hudson Maxim School – Two very Interested Buyers

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Shortly after the Council for the Borough of Hopatcong moved the vacant Hudson Maxim School into the Redevelopment Zone, the phone starting ringing at the Hopatcong School District, which is the owner of the school.

It seems that the tax breaks involved as part of the movement into the redevelopment zone was able to move this 100-year-old building onto the radar of local developments who wish to do something with this valued property, as it is near the center of town, and within key areas of town that are already under redevelopment by the River Styx Bridge.

Sources close to the offers indicated that the offers are very serious in nature and they expect bids back from both parties very shortly. One of the offers is coming from a builder that would add residential housing, and the other from more of a physical rehabilitation facility that may include housing that could benefit Hopatcong.

This sale of the school could be another win for the Hopatcong School District that is battling unfair cuts in State Funding imposed by Trenton that targets all K-12 school districts. While the funds from the sale cannot be used directly to offset the costs, they can be added to the Capital Budget for the schools.

History of Hudson Maxim School:

It has been just over a year since Hudson Maxum School was closed by the BOE and the boiler failure that left the town, teachers and administrators scrambling to more the materials and integrate the students into the other schools within one weekend.

The school was built in the early 1900s and as such has little infrastructure to support another owner without complete demolition and redevelopment of the property.

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