Hopatcong Land Use Board Meeting: Hudson Maxum School Redevelopment & Hudson Farms

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The Borough of Hopatcong Land Use Board Meeting that occurred on January 21, 2020 focused primarily on the Redevelopment Study Area and Determination of Needs for the Hudson Maxim School, and a continuing request from Hudson Farms on the redesign of the Pro Shop. (Watch the Video)

Hudson Maxim School:

2020 LUB 01 21 2020 Movie CoverThe Borough Engineer John Ruschke provided a brief overview that sought to answer questions in two areas:

Area #1: Is Hudson Maxim School in need of Redevelopment?

According to statute the property falls within redevelopment for the following four reasons:

    • Located in the Town Center
    • Obsolete building
    • Discontinued Use
    • Outdated Building Design

Area #2: What is the Redevelopment Plan?

Hopatcong Borough Schools has asked for a market study of the school, which is not available at this time, so the question of “What is the Plan” will need to wait until the study is complete.

Conclusion: The Engineer recommended that the Land Use Board find the property in need of redevelopment.

After Public Comment the Land Use Board found that the Hudson Maxum School needs Redevelopment, which is the Boards final decision that this matter be returned to the governing body, which may act to adopt the plan by ordinance. The adopted redevelopment plan would than become an amendment to the municipality’s zoning district map and zoning ordinance or may be treated as an overlay to existing zoning.

Hudson Farms:

Hudson Farms appeared before the Land Use Board, regarding their continued expansion request for a building that contains a Pro Shop that is open to the public. Testimony from the team at Hudson Farms Club Inc. answered the board members past questions regarding the Pro Shop, Firearms Manufacturing, Guest Privileges, and the sales of firearms directly to the public.

Clarification was also sought in how Hudson Farms is actually classified, as it would make a difference in the zoning requirements, currently they are classified as a Country Club.

Public Comment: Brought up questions about the difference between Hudson Farms West, East, Club and Foundation, and which of them is leasing the Pro Shop. Existing advertisement from Hudson Farms seems to indicate that anyone can use the facilities for corporate events, dining, overnight accommodations and shooting classes. And is Hudson Farms shooting in the right-of-way of JCP&L power lines?

Conclusion: Hudson Farms will receive the requested exemption, with the condition that it meets with the testimony brought forth to the Land Use Board.

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