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Mayor & Council Seeking Answers – Is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary right for Hopatcong?

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The Mayor and Hopatcong Borough Council are seeking to educate themselves on Medical Marijuana and what it may mean to have a possible Dispensary in the Borough.

During the last Hopatcong Borough Council meeting on November 6. 2019 the council heard from Annmarie Shafer, Director of Recovery Support Services, and Nicholas Loizzi, Sussex County Substance Abuse Services Coordinator regarding their expertise on what a possible Medical Marijuana Dispensary would mean to Hopatcong.

MM Movie1The Mayor made it clear during their presentation that the Council is seeking information on this subject in order to make an informed decision. 

Highlights from the Presentation:

  • Hopatcong’s top three cases of substance abuses are Heroin, Alcohol, and Marijuana, according to treatment people are seeking.
  • Ranking of Marijuana substance abuses in Sussex County are:
    1. Newton
    2. Franklin
    3. Hopatcong
  • 11072019 1Full Presentation & Public Q&AHopatcong needs to understand that under the Governor’s directive, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries will automatically convert to Recreational Marijuana outlets when it becomes legal.
  • Issues this could cause for Hopatcong are Safety, Security, Traffic, and Parking.
  • The conversation around medical and recreational marijuana has increased the belief that marijuana is not harmful among our young people.
  • Recent study from England shows that long-term use of marijuana causes significant psychological issues.
  • There are now prescription drugs that treat many of the problems that medical marijuana is prescribed to treat.
  • Marijuana today is medically re-engineered and could have a THC content of 80%. This is not the pot that was smoked in the ’70s.
  • The Marijuana industry is still in its infancy and a very non-scientific field right now. There is nothing FDA approved at this point. This is an industry like tobacco that wants to get you hooked for life.

Mayor goes on Record:

MM Movie3During the presentation, Mayor Michael Francis publicly went on record saying, “If Marijuana is legalized in New Jersey, I will introduce an ordinance that would ban selling, growing, or storage in the Borough of Hopatcong.”


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