Special Thanks to our Candidates Running for Office

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Today is Election Day, and as such, it is time to recognize our Candidates Running for Office for the work that has been done to get to this point.

At a time when many Americans are fed up with politics, we need to stop to thank our fellow citizens who have the courage to place their names on a ballot.

In the running for office, they have opened themselves up to public examination, often at great personal sacrifice. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

To be a candidate or hold office is to give up time and energy, to spend time away from family, to knock on thousands of doors, to develop campaign-material websites and social media strategies, to attend dozens of community gatherings and forums, to be berated by opponents and their supporters, and to subject oneself to being questioned each step of the way — all this without any guarantee of success.

Here in Hopatcong, we were lucky enough to have multiple candidates running for the different positions, which offers voters a critical choice in the local elections.

These local leaders running for office often have a more direct impact on your life than many of our federal choices.

And if elected, these candidates will now have far fewer rights than you do as a private citizen. In our free and open democracy, all actions, statements, and authorship of letters, emails and other correspondence are subject to disclosure and public scrutiny.

So, a hearty thanks to you to those who pay a big sacrifice — at little personal gain — to represent our interests. I hope you will join me today in recognizing and celebrating those citizens who are brave enough to serve our communities.

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