Nationally Renowned Daniel Fried, Ph.D. visits Hopatcong Middle School STEAM Classes

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Art DiBenedetto, Hopatcong Superintendent of Schools, Announces – Daniel Fried, Ph.D. leader of the national Biochemistry Literacy for Kids program, visits Hopatcong Middle School to bestow his knowledge on Biochemistry to the students.

Mr. McKowen's 6th grade STEAM classes welcomed Daniel Fried, Ph.D. for a visit on Nov. 1st to talk about his Biochemistry Literacy for Kids program. Student built peptide residues and discussed the Biochemistry program they have been using this marking period.

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More About Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

Kids instinctively want to know what things are made of, how living things work, and why things are the way they are. Chemistry and biochemistry provide answers to so many of life’s great questions, but sadly, these subjects are almost completely neglected in standard school curricula.

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids fast-tracks students to a sophisticated molecular-level understanding of the world around them, helping them see their surroundings in ways they never imagined.

Our curriculum illuminates the stunning, three-dimensional world of molecular architectures and the network of biochemical reactions that constitute every living thing.

Biochemistry is at the heart of STEM and connects the physical sciences and life sciences. Our curriculum resonates well with the NGSS, and it provides links between the physical and life sciences that are not typically emphasized in school but are incredibly helpful for students. Although the curriculum emphasizes biological applications, students learn about many other STEM areas including environmental science, astronomy, and atomic physics.

Elementary and junior high students are naturally inquisitive and are primed to engage in our advanced curriculum, but our content can help students of every age understand science, all the way to AP biology and AP chemistry. In fact, we use very similar learning materials in our college classrooms!

More About Daniel Fried, Ph.D.

DanielFriedAssistant Professor of Chemistry, Saint Peter’s University

Dr. Fried holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Yale University and conducts research in protein engineering and chemistry pedagogy. He is the creator of Biochemistry Literacy for Kids and has led instruction in hundreds of K-12 biochemistry classes.

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