Hopatcong Board of Education – Meet the Candidates – Full Video Coverage

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On October 30, 2019 the four candidates running for the three positions on the Hopatcong Board of Education faced off on their qualifications and where they stand on the important issues facing the Hopatcong School District.

BOE Movie1 CoverWatch the Full VideoThe format used by HEPTO was for each candidate to speak for five minutes, and afterwards all four would have an additional five minutes to answer questions.

The event was moderator by Mrs. Tracey Hensz, Principle of Hopatcong Middle School.

Nicole Falconi-Shubert

BOE Movie2 CoverWatch Nicole Falconi-ShubertGraduated from Hopatcong High School and currently active as a teacher in Rockaway. Education is very important to Nicole as she has two children in the Hopatcong School System. Her reason for running is to work alongside Superintendent Arthur DiBenedetto to help fulfill his vision for the students of Hopatcong.

Nicole doesn’t have an agenda for the Board of Education but outlined the three things that she believes are important to her as a mom. The first priority is the Students, the second is the teachers and the staff, and finally making the Hopatcong School System the best it can be.

Alexander McClean

BOE Movie3 CoverWatch Alexander McCleanRunning for the second term Alexander McClean has a lot of hope for the District and Hopatcong; ”we have all of the ingredients for success, and we can do it.” Three years ago, he promised three things Cut Administrative Costs, which was one of the highest costs compared to our peers. Reinvest the saved money back into the school for programs like the cosmetology and construction labs.

Warren Gallagher

BOE Movie4 CoverWatch Warren GallagherAlso running for his second term, Warren Gallagher is a Certified Financial Planner with two kids in the school district. Three years ago, his platform was don’t raise taxes, cut wasteful spending, and use that money to invest in our students.

The savings have gone for cosmetology and construction labs, new science lab, and implementing STEAM across all grades. And most importantly we have changed our leadership Superintendent Arthur DiBenedetto who will be able led the district forward.

Gerard B. Guenfelder

BOE Movie5 CoverWatch Gerard B. GuenfelderRecognized Alex and Warren for their three years of service, and Nicole for her dedication to the school district. Gerard is running because his grandson is attending the Hopatcong School District, and he is worried about the cut in state aid and wants to be on the board to make those upcoming tough decisions.

Gerald will implement tried and true methods to save money and reinvest into the school system.

Don’t just be proud, be Hopatcong proud.

Question and Answer Session:

BOE Movie6 CoverWatch Q & A SessionAll four candidates answered questions from the public regarding State Cuts, Teacher Contracts, and Hopatcong Students to choose to go to school outside of the district.


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