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Art DiBenedetto, Hopatcong Superintendent of Schools, Announces - Hopatcong Middle School Counselor, Danielle Manisa and 8th grade School Counselor, Chelsea Trump took 30 students to the Positive School Climate Summit at Sparta High School on Friday, October 25th

The emphasis of the summit was on "Kindness Matters. Always and in All Ways"

The students participated in many activities which encouraged team-building, acceptance and inclusion. Students were educated by several wonderful guest speakers about the effects of bullying and exclusion. Students were taught that you can choose to lift someone up, do nothing, or put them down, and that it is rewarding and just as easy to lift someone up as it is to do anything else.

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Kindness Matters Summit 2 2019 2
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Kindness Matters Summit 2019
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The Summit makes a positive and long lasting difference as students learn the leadership skills and techniques to make their school safe and inclusive. At the end of the event, students discussed ways to be kind to their peers, and how to lead their school into having a culture of inclusion and kindness.


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