Hopatcong School Violence Awareness Week Oct. 21-25, 2019

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Hopatcong students will be participating in lessons on being Peacemakers using the High-Five Strategies.

Hopatcong school district recognizes the importance of developing and maintaining positive school climates and providing students with a safe and supportive school environment devoid of harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) encourages academic success and increased social and emotional competence.

The Week of Respect and School Violence Awareness Week offer New Jersey schools an opportunity to concentrate on this effort by delivering age-appropriate instruction to students on these essential topics. 

What’s Happening:

  • HighFive250The High 5 will be displayed on throughout the schools to remind students of the steps they can take to stop bullying.
  • Music Classes will sing or play songs to celebrate RESPECT!
  • Art Classes will work on symbols of PEACE.
  • Gym Classes will review concepts of TEAMWORK and FAIRNESS.
  • CHALK IT UP for PEACE: Students will be creating outdoor displays promoting peace!

During the week students will practice on how to handle verbal bullying

Doing the ‘High Five’

  1. Ignore it. Don't look at the person. Change the subject.
  2. Talk friendly or ask nicely for the person to stop. Be calm.
  3. Walk away. Remove yourself from the person/situation.
  4. Talk firmly and tell the person to STOP! Let the person know that you will report it if he/she does not STOP!
  5. If strategies 1-4 do not work, Report it to an adult.

Verbal threats of violence need to be reported immediately to an adult.

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