Hopatcong Third Grade Students Perform Math Surgery

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Art DiBenedetto, Hopatcong Superintendent of Schools, Announces - On Thursday, October 17th, third graders in Mrs. Tumminelli’s class performed math surgery.

They donned their surgical caps and medical masks, and gathered their tools to practice the distributive property of multiplication. The students were given a tray, complete with centimeter cubes and their surgical “tool”.

They worked with their medical team of doctors to create each given array, and then perform surgery on it. They divided each array into two smaller arrays, in order to practice using smaller, easier facts, to find the products of larger multiplication problems.

They drew out the arrays on their communicators, and found the solutions to each fact. When all surgery was completed, they created their own array of choice, and performed surgery on it as well, as part of a culminating craft and assessment activity.

Tons of fun was had, and lots of math talk was heard in the operating rooms!

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