84 year-old Man with Dementia - Sighted in Sussex County – Please Check your Video

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On October 1, 2019 Fayez Dahan drive out of his driveway and has not been seen since. Based upon a possible sighting in Sussex County, the family is asking people to review their home video.

Monday October 13 a woman reported having seen a “VIRGINIA Grandparents” (University of Virginia) rear windshield decal (as pictured in the FIND FAYEZ flyer) on a vehicle being driven by a man. Her recollection was that she saw the vehicle early October but was unsure of the car type/color.

Based on the location of the sighting, if you live in the Sussex County, Branchville NJ, Culver’s Lake area and have surveillance cameras overlooking Rt 206, Morris Turnpike or other roads in the Sussex County, NJ vicinity please, please, please review your video footage looking for a Maroon Toyota Sienna minivan on Tuesday, Oct 1. Initially review the time period of 3:00pm - 6:00pm; but footage from as early as 2:30am Tuesday October 1 and into the evening may also be relevant.

Because we are also trying to eliminate the possibility of the spotted vehicle belonging to someone other than our missing father, does anyone from the above areas know of any vehicle with a “VIRGINIA Grandparents” decal on the back of the car? This is regardless of the vehicle type/color.

Looking at surveillance cameras is time critical because many devices are set to automatically record over earlier footage after a certain length of time.

The Dahan Family: With so much gratitude for your continued support, efforts, insights and prayers.

Please report any clues (see flyer) to Blooming Grove PA State Police 570-226-6718


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