Hopatcong November Election – Republican Write-in Candidate -vs- Republican Primary Winner

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Politics in any town can become interesting, and Hopatcong is no exception. As we head into the last month before the election, we have the unusual prospect of having a write-in candidate (with republican party endorsement), going up against the winner of the Republican primary.

What makes this more interesting than your typical Write-In candidate is that the Hopatcong Republican Party is pushing hard to endorse and back the write-in candidate.

Make an Informed Decision

If you use any of the many Hopatcong Social Media sites, you are already well informed on how we reached this point. So, this article will only focus on the two different candidates (listed alphabetically) so you can make an informed decision.

Jennifer Johnson

Hello Hopatcong Neighbors,

Jennifer Johnson ElectionAs the general election approaches, I have continued the work that Heather and I started back in December. I will continue to utilize this and any other stages to get the message out. I am hoping for the opportunity to serve the community and really help drive the community towards a much needed change. I am running on the Republican ticket and need your help. My platform remains the same to bring the following changes to Hopatcong:

1. TRANSPARENCY: Keep the residents informed about the happenings within the community and give them every opportunity to follow the hard work. This will be achieved through live streaming the meetings, utilizing the online platforms, and the town website to provide all the information that residents have been looking for.

2. DEBT-FREE: For far too long, Hopatcong residents have been forced into paying additional money in things like interest fees and administrative cost on loans. This holds true for the general budget, water budget and sewer budget. We are paying roughly 12% of our tax budget to loans, roughly 33% of the water fees to loans and roughly 62% of our sewer fees to loans. This is our hard earned money going down the drain for nothing. We need to plan better and avoid these loans, not survive off of them.

3. BUDGET: Most of you have seen the work Heather and I have done on the sewer budget. I would like to continue that fight and take this same research into the other areas of the town budget. The town has been moving along with no one in a position of control, asking the questions and getting to the bottom of concerns that have plagued the community and its residents for years.

I want to take our small town and make it work for the current residents. I want residents to be able to approach me with their concerns and questions without being ignored. While I won't have every answer, I think everyone can say that I have the drive to find the answer to the questions and the commitment to see things through.

Information based upon 2019 Election Post

Robert Rehe

Robert Rehe ElectionAge: 52

Hometown: lifelong resident of the Borough of Hopatcong for 52 years

Family: Father of two sons, ages 10 and 12

Education: Hopatcong School System, K-12; 1983 graduate Hopatcong High School.

Occupation: Owner and operator of Rehe Excavating for more than 30 years

Experience: I currently serve as the vice-chairman of the Hopatcong Land Use Board, and have been a Hopatcong Land Use Board member since the inception of the board. Former member of the Hopatcong Board of Adjustment for 15 years. Original and one of the founding members of the Hopatcong Business Association. I have held the position of president and vice president of the Hopatcong Business League, former member of the Hopatcong Board of Health.

List your top 3 issues and what you would do regarding each issue.

  1. As a member of the Land Use Board we have worked diligently on economic redevelopment projects within the last 10 years. Many of these projects will benefit all residents. I will continue to work with developers and residents and continue with the revitalization of our beautiful town of Hopatcong.

  2. Stabilizing of taxes and making sure every dollar is spent efficiently is one of the most important tasks. I will be able to effectively accomplish this with my many years of business ownership experience. I will return the priority of a yearly street paving program. I will look at grant money and shared services to do more for Hopatcong with less.

  3. I believe in transparency in government. That is how the Hopatcong Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Hopatcong Land Use Board run so efficiently. I will work with current council to keep expenses down.

What else should we know?

I am a lifelong resident of Hopatcong. I chose to stay and raise my children here because it is so wonderful.

I am a board member and coach for Hopatcong Little League. Instrumental in the construction of Maxim Glen Park, I voluntarily spent hundreds of hours with my construction equipment on the park.

Information based upon 2018 Election Bio


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