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FOUND - Cat called "CeCe" - Returns Home

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UPDATE: 10/06/2019 - Wonderful news!  CeCe was found locked in the dark basement of a neighboring home. She entered unnoticed by a technician who was there to work while the homeowner is on an extended business trip. 

She is safe and sound, although traumatized and bedraggled by her 3-day entrapment.  Thanks to the Hopatcong Lake Regional News for getting the word out and to everyone who spread the news, and for all the caring thoughts and prayers.  It's a miracle she was found in time.   Thank you!

My cat, CeCe, failed to come back in the house yesterday afternoon when I called her after spending time enjoying the outdoors with her mother and 2 littermates.

CeCe is a 4yr old B&W female with tiny features and a sweet face, (photo above) She is shy with strangers but adventuresome and brave on her own. She knows her name and comes when you call her, especially when there is food involved.

She went missing sometime in the afternoon in the yard by the lake. There were people around and no wildlife other than chipmunks and squirrels. She just disappeared. Garages, boathouses and sheds have been searched. Animal Control has been contacted.

If knowledge of CeCe, call or text 973-945-6507 or email Jule.girman@gmail.com.


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