Over 1,000 Pounds of Trash Removed during Hopatcong Clean-Up Day

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On Saturday September 14, 2019, the Hopatcong Environmental Commission in conjunction with Sussex County Mosquito Control held the Hopatcong Town-wide clean-up day.


The annual event drew Families, Businesses and organizations like the Scouts to help clean up the litter along roadways, parks and other areas of Hopatcong. Each group lined up to sign-in and select the area they wanted to clean, afterwards the group was outfitted with equipment provided by the DPW.

Hopatcong Clean Up Day MovieGroups than worked hard across the town of Hopatcong picking up litter and other discarded items for approximately four-hours. Afterwards they reported back to the Hopatcong Borough Hall to dump of the trash and equipment.

The final tally across call groups was over 100 lbs. of trash.

  • 500 lbs. of Litter

  • 550 lbs. of Scrap Metal


The Hopatcong Environmental Commission would like to once again thank all of the volunteers for their time, and they are looking forward to 2020.

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