Possible Medical Marijuana Dispensary coming to Hopatcong

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During the August 6, 2019, Land Use Board Meeting, Bloom Medicinal indicated to the board that they are seeking to open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Hopatcong.

The site would be on Lakeside Blvd. in the building just vacated by Rays Foods. Which once held a Pharmacy called Westshore 30-years ago, and would mean automatic approval for a Medical Marijuana according to Mayor Francis and Attorney William Haggerty, ESQ.

Attorney William Haggerty confirmed from the census of the Board that this would be a permitted use within a B2 zone. Site plan analysis, including parking and signage, would be required.

Bloom Medicinal:

During the meeting, Andrew Wagner, head of operations for Bloom Medicinal, approached the Board. He explained the background of the company and their experience. He said they currently operate in 3 different States and are interested in opening a medical cannabis dispensary. Mr. Wagner explained they receive their product from state-licensed cultivators, and that product is independently tested by a third party before sale to the patients. He believes the Ray Foods space would accommodate their needs.

Mr. Wagner said the applications are due by August 21st; they are only interested in dispensing, not cultivating or processing. He added, per New Jersey Law, the product is not allowed to be administered inside the facility.

Mr. Wagner explained the process an individual would go through to be eligible for their program, and who can actually purchase the product.

Land Use Board Chairman Gilbert asked about the traffic and visibility. Mr. Wagner stated, “I understand the concern, but the Ray Foods building accommodates the State required setbacks from parks and schools.”

Mr. Wagner went on to explain the basic layout of the facility and security measures. He went on to say they expect to see between 20 and 40 patients a day.  

Public Comment:

  • Norman Shapiro is concerned about distracted drivers with that location

  • Mara Modes asked if the driveway could be moved

  • Mr. Duncan is opposed to the facility and believes this will bring the wrong element

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