Social Media & Ring Video Help - Rash of Car Burglaries in Hopatcong

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Hopatcong Police: This is a video we received of the suspects in our car burglaries from early yesterday morning. This video was taken on Lil Chester Rd in Hopatcong.

Please make sure your cars are locked and call the Hopatcong Police at 973-398-5000 if you see something suspicious. If you have any information regarding the burglaries, please contact us.


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Initial Press Release:

From Hopatcong Police: Thursday 2:30 PM: Recently an unknown actor(s) has been burglarizing vehicles in Hopatcong.

The actor(s) are walking around at night looking for unlocked vehicles. When they find one, they enter the vehicle and take whatever they wish. The best way to prevent yourself from being a victim is simply locking the vehicle doors. Do not leave valuable items in plain view; ensure your GPS is put in a compartment and bring your purse, bags and wallets inside with you when you exit your vehicle. This also goes for vehicle keys.

As always, the residents of Hopatcong are the eyes and ears of the Hopatcong Police Department. If you see something suspicious please call us at 973-398-5000. If there is a Police, Fire or Medical emergency call 9-1-1.

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