Hopatcong Offers Health And Fitness Options To Suit Every Fitness Level And Goal

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Written by Jacqueline Dillon (Contributing Author): At 25.6 percent, more than a quarter of New Jersey’s population is considered to be clinically obese. What’s worse is that the number of obese individuals has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, contributing significantly to obesity-related deaths.

However, being overweight doesn’t have to be a death sentence, and those looking for local help achieving a healthy lifestyle or just want to get in better shape have plenty of options. A great place to start is the Hopatcong Community Resource & Wellness Center, which offers plenty of classes on everything from nutrition to disease prevention to stress management.

Example: Your Ideal Life, Nutritional Programs for your best Healthy Mind & Body.

Held Monthly:

Join us to learn how to be your best self through eating. Whether the goal is weight loss, maintenance, healthy aging or better gains and lean muscle mass, come learn how you can live your ideal life through feeding your body what it needs. Hosted by Robin DeLorenzo, Health and Wellness Coach

Hopatcong State Park

Exercise is essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and, during the summer months, Hopatcong offers plenty of options for getting fit outdoors. Research shows that going out for a 30-minute walk daily cuts the risk of heart disease by 23 percent. Hopatcong State Park offers lots of walking and hiking trails, as well as six basketball courts, a sand volleyball area, and a multipurpose sports field. There is also lake access from the park for boaters, and those looking to get fit on the water have the option of renting a canoe or jetski on site. Locals can also use the summer months to train for the annual Lake Loop event in October. This event is organized by the Lake Hopatcong Foundation and includes cycling, running, and paddling challenges in the park. Hopatcong State Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset during the summer months. 

Black Bear Fitness

For a more traditional workout, Hopatcong has plenty of indoor gyms, such as Black Bear Fitness, which is currently offering free community yoga classes and free childcare for the summer months of July and August. This gym also offers numerous group exercise classes for those looking to burn a high number of calories and lose weight. Boot camp, H.I.I.T, circuits, and group cycling classes, all of which are currently on offer at Black Bear Fitness, are considered types of interval training. This type of exercise involves short, intense bursts of exercise followed by recovery periods and has been proven to burn lots of calories in the least amount of time.

On The Lake

With the Hopatcong lake officially open for the season, water sports are a family-friendly and effective way to battle obesity while having fun (once the harmful algea blooms are over).

Aside from swimming and boating, there are plenty of other water sports that one can do in the Hopatcong area. Lakeview Maria offers personalized and group instruction on how to water ski, wakeboard, and wakesurf. Younger members of the family may also enjoy the marina's tubing and tube surfing options. For adventure enthusiasts, nearby Fly High Watersports offers hoverboard and jetpack experiences on the lake. 

Summer in the Hopatcong area offers plenty of ways to keep fit and have fun. Locals can take advantage of outdoor activities and community events as well as more traditional indoor fitness options. From walking and boating to group exercise classes and community sports, Hopatcong residents can make strides to live below the state obesity average and lead active and healthy lives.

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