EDM DJ SKY Wows St Therese Carnival – Now coming to PAVINCI Italian Grill

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Thursday night, June 6, at the St Therese Carnival immediately following Sabretti's Hot Dog Eating Contest... EDM DJ "SKY" took the stage for his area debut and rocked the crowd with an arsenal of special effects and fun surprises.

According to EDM DJ SKY:

“As my mentor, 25+ year veteran NYC DJ, Dee Wiz told me: Being a DJ is about making a connection to the people in front of you - through your passion for the music you are playing, your creativity in presenting your show concept, and with your own personality.

EDM Party In9I felt joy and excitement the entire time I was in front of this crowd ...no fear or apprehension whatsoever. Hearing the kids scream with delight at effects, or start jumping to a heavy beat, or just the smiles on some of the parents faces, was all I hoped being a DJ would be. So many things I have done in my life have felt forced or awkward, even with confidence, knowledge and years of experience. But this felt natural, and exactly right, even on a first gig.

I finally know what I wan't to be when I grow up...an EDM DJ.”  

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Photo Credit: Chuck Coverly

PAVINCI Italian Grill - EDM Dance Party

Then, each Thursday for the rest of the summer, the party continues with Sky's EDM Glow Party called THE FLOW. This Age 21+ ongoing party will take place at PAVINCI Italian Grill on Lake Hopatcong (453 River Styx Road, Hopatcong). The fun, blacklight-lit theme party will include free glow items and body painting, a variety of themes "glow drinks" and 4+ hours of EDM music, lights, lasers, video, and special effects. Every Thursday from June 13 through Aug 29, 9pm-2am. Age 21+.

More About EDM DJ "SKY"

EDM SKY 250 1SKY, aka Paul Armento, is a Hopatcong resident, and a career artist and entertainer.   His two children's musicals, THE PEOPLE GARDEN, and THE NEW KID have enjoyed over 1000 productions both Off-Broadway and as regional tours. He also directed movie versions of each.

His 80's tribute band, JESSIE'S GIRL, is regarded as one of NYC's most successful bands, with a 10-year long weekly residency in NYC's West Village. The band also regularly sells out some of the region’s largest theatrical venues such as The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, The Wellmont in Montclair and The Theatre at Madison Square Garden, NYC, where Armento also designs the lighting and stage shows.

Armento has musically directed and performed with numerous celebrities including Dee Snider, Debbie Gibson, Howard Jones, Tiffany, MC Hammer, and many more, Armento also appeared with Debbie Gibson on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, and musically directed that year's season finale.   Known professionally as "Sky," Armento is now focusing on EDM and is proud to present his newest projects for a "sneak peek" to his friends and neighbors.

More About EDM Dancy Parties

EDM or Electronic Dance Music has been around since the '70s, when the first electronic synthesizers and drum machines became affordable to musicians. It is basically music created from electronic instruments. For decades, it was primarily popular primarily in Europe in niche genres such as "techno" and "industrial."

Then in the late 2000's, many of these vintage synthesizers became available in affordable computer-based software applications. Suddenly music producers in every genre, including Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop and more, were incorporating these sounds into their styles. By 2010, DJs were spinning music across multiple genres - united by the 'electronic" sound, and incorporating outrageous light shows to enthralled crowds.

It was the biggest union of musical styles since MTV. By 2012, events such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, and Ultra had sprung up to meet the demand for these DJs. Now EDM Festivals are some of the most extravagant "live" shows around, being performed in front of tens of thousands at a time, to a culture of youth dressed in bright colors with upbeat attitudes. And the EDM DJs are the new "rock stars."

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