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Pizza Wars 2019 – Knot Just Pizza in Hopatcong

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In our continued support of the Pizza Wars 2019 that benefits the “Lake Hopatcong Foundation,” our news team continued eating our way around the lake and personally visit each participating Pizza Place as we join our readers in the Quest for the Best.

Our Third Visit was Knot Just Pizza in Hopatcong

Knot Just PizzaKnot Just Pizza located at 49 Lakeside Blvd, Hopatcong, NJ, is as their name suggests goes beyond just pizza to offer full Italian Dinners, Subs, Calzones, and Salads to name just a few items off the menu. As our team arrived at the Restaurant to do our review, it happened to be football Sunday, and we ran across this gentleman who gives us this unrehearsed testimonial.

Our Team's Review:

Based upon his testimonial and the fact that Wings looked bigger and better than we have received anywhere else around the lake, we have them a try. It was no contest; these were the best wings to be found in North Jersey, even with specialty wing places.

Welcome to Just Knot Pizza in Hopatcong
Just Knot Pizza front conter
Welcoming seating area
Multiple Pizza Slices Available
Multiple Pizza Slices Available
Multiple Pizza Slices Available
Football Sunday Wings
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We ordered the BBQ sauce wings and found that they must be doing something special in the kitchen to ensure the BBQ sauce sticks to the rather than larger wings. We’ll also have to admit that we’ve had the wings several times since our visit just four-days ago.

Lastly, we hope that they don’t read this article, as their wings (approx. 12) are a great deal at $8.95 compared to the going price around the lake.

Pizza Wars 2019 What readers had to say about Knot Just Pizza as they Voted:

  • Never disappointed on the pizza or any other take out from knot just pizza.
  • They are prompt, and pizza is always delicious.
  • Great knots, which is where they got their name. “KNOT Just Pizza.”
  • Staff is friendly, food is delicious and is a staple of the community.
  • Always trying new ideas and willing to please in every way!
  • Their garlic knots are way beyond compare, and their sauce is reminiscent of homemade pizza
  • Fresh ingredients, fast delivery, always get what we order!
  • Consistent Quality!  They Care about the presentation, accuracy of orders
  • Their service staff are exceptionally helpful and dedicated to making sure your experience is the best. Their specialty pies are great, and dinner portions are quite generous.
  • The crust on the pizza is SO good, and the knots are oversized and delicious!

Stay tuned as we visit the rest of the Pizza Places in our mutual Quest for the Best

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