Pizza Wars 2019 – Frank’s Pizza in Hopatcong

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In support of the Pizza Wars 2019 that benefits the “Lake Hopatcong Foundation,” our news team is starting to eat their way around the lake and personally visit each participating Pizza Place as we join our readers in the Quest for the Best.

We started with Frank’s Pizza in Hopatcong

Frank's Pizza located at 50 Hopatchung Rd, Hopatcong, NJ 07843, has always given the people of Hopatcong quality food and great customer service for over 25 years all at a palatable price. They offer pizza, pasta, salad, wings, subs, and more. The pizza, pasta, and meats are prepared freshly daily in their kitchen, and that's a guarantee from the owner.

Frank's Pizza Hopatcong
Clean Front Entry
Welcoming & Warm Atmosphere with multiple pizzas available if you just want a slice.
Hot Pizza is Ready in just 15 Minutes.
Multiple pizzas available if you just want a slice.
What our Pizza looked like when we got it back to the News Office
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Our Team's Review:

Pizza Wars 2019The news team ordered our favorite large pizza as takeout. The pizza was ready in about 15 minutes and was piping hot. The pizza was loaded with just the right amount of toppings, as anything more may have made the pizza soggy. The crust was one of the best we’ve tasted is it was not too thick, but rather fairly soft, not too chewy and it had an excellent taste.

We also found that they had over 15 different pizza's available if we wanted just a slice.

What readers had to say about Frank’s as they Voted:

  • We love Everything - food is awesome staff has great customer service, and the place is very clean and well kept.
  • Excellent quality of food and when I walk in they know my name. Very nice people
  • I've been a fan since I was a kid when they first opened and love that it has not changed much at all.
  • The pizza is amazing
  • Super nice people, the pizza is phenomenal!
  • Tasty and plentiful
  • I am particular about my pizza.... a lot of pizza places is either too well done or greasy, not enough cheese or sauce... but Franks pizza is just right. The staff all very friendly.
  • The family feel I get when I walk in
  • Every meal is fabulous!
  • Fresh and friendly
  • Great quality

Stay tuned as we visit the rest of the Pizza Places in our mutual Quest for the Best

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